Blessing In Disguise

Finel Project
Project Overview

"Blessing In Disguise" is a feature children's book about the juvenile diabetes diagnosis experience, and dealing with it in the hereafter. The book is intended to help young children diagnosed with juvenile diabetes go through the post-diagnosis period more easily. The book presents the story of a little boy diagnosed with juvenile diabetes who receives special powers with which he can deal with diabetes heroically.
The story demonstrates how to deal with crises and difficulties, in the face of an optimistic and cheerful approach.
It combines other characters with special powers similar to the main character, whose unique power comes from their disabilities. Aside from teaching about diabetes,
It teaches important values ​​such as accepting the different, helping others, and self-belief.

Instractor : Kfir Maman
Curse : Finel Project
Shenkar College 2019

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