Wine Branding
Project Overview
"Encounter" is an Israeli boutique winery created as part of student collaboration with the wine festival at Ramat Hanadiv Park.  The brief of the project required to build a wine branding concept related to the heritage of the Hanadiv Valley, on any topic we wanted. The wine "Encounter"  was named after an ancient oak tree, A well-known feature to the residents based on a central hill in the Ramat Hanadiv Valley, where people used to make social and romantic encounters long before the technological age. The design concept was created in memory of the social connection of encounters under the tree,  the oak tree's connection to the process of aligning the wine in oak barrels and the relationship between man, nature and wine.
Instractor : Kfir Maman
Curse : Brending
Shenkar College 2019
Oak Tree Trunk Texture