Red Sea Jazz Festival

Project Overview
During my youth, I used to go to the jazz festival in Eilat as a genre lover. When given the opportunity to re-brand a festival as part of my studying course, I did not hesitate which festival I would choose. I re-designed the entire graphic cover of the Red Sea Jazz Festival, Eilat. I chose to go for a classic and upscale style, which I think represents this music.
The design concept was inspired by Eilat port containers arranged in and around the festival grounds which became the festival symbol. The red color and the wavy lines represent the Red Sea and the deep heat in jazz music. The black color transmits prestige and depth, And the construction of the rigid and patterned grid is derived from the nature of the container structure. I chose the English language brand to expose the festival to audiences from all over the world and make it an international festival and promote tourism in the city.
Instractor : Zvi Fadelman
Curse : Concept Development
Shenkar College 2018